Prince of Swords

Prince of Swords

(Prince of the chariot of the winds)

Tiphareth in the Tree of Life Astrology: 21° Capricorn to 20° Aquarius
Element and world: The Air in the Airs of Yetzirah
Tree of Life: Tiphareth

Being Air in Air, the Prince of Swords is the pure manifestation of mind and intellect, full of plans and ideas which on the worst side may disturb and confuse each other, on the best create an inexhaustibale spring of creative thoughts.

The Prince of Swords is intelligent, idealistic, full of creativity and fluidity, a real Mercurian spirit who often will argue just for the fondness of arguing - and not so much for the arguments themselfes. The Prince of Swords can throw himself head over heels into a scientific research, reaching highest levels within a short time and then throw everything away without further notice because something else appears more interesting at the moment.

On the dark side, the Prince of Swords lacks both the qualities of Water and Earth, he can easily become unstable, unreliable and extremely moody, using his amount of intelligence to trick himself through life, becoming a master of disguise and cheat.

Drive: Idealism, intellectuall agility

Light: Creativity, richdom of ideas, intelligence, mastery of words

Shadow: Harsh, malicious, unreliable, cheating, crude

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