The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is a Qabalistic symbol of the complete universe, it is composed from ten spheres called the Sephiroth (numbers) and 22 connecting paths.

While the Tree of Life as a symbol of the Kabbalah and the Tarot as a game of the Renaissance have no common origins and were developed independently from they just seem to be made for each other. The Tarot cards - especially those of the Minor Arcana - blend just wonderfully into the structure of the Tree, corresponding to the ten Sephiroth while each Sephirah adds meaning and substance to the otherwise arbitrary entity of a number and a suit symbol.
The Qabalistic order also connects the numbered cards, provides a logical way from the Ace to the Ten, making the processes therein accessible and clear. The Five of Swords will become a deeper meaning when remembering that it ascends from the Four of Chesed and might develop into the Six of Tiphareth.

Each Sephirah has its own story, its own essence and character which will harmoniously color the Tarot card it is connected to.

Using the Tree of Life in Tarot, the Sephiroth are connected to the numbered cards of the Minor Arcana while the paths are represented by a Trump of the Major Arcana. Here we look at the Sephiroth (the rest comes later..;)

1. Kether - Aces
Kether is the first emanation, the level of pure unity, a pure existance with no dependance on anything but itself

2. Chokmah - Twos
Chokmah is the point where the pure unity splits into two; creation, energy, wisdom

3. Binah - Threes
Binah represents Neshamah of the soul, the World of Briah, where individual potentials and powers are identified and specificated, understanding, realization

4. Chesed - Fours
The fourth sphere of the Tree of Life is called Chesed which translates as 'kindness'

5. Geburah - Fives
Geburah is the fifth manifestation, representing the consciousness that is now forming organisational strategies

6. Tiphareth - Sixes
The sixth sphere is called Tiphareth, it is the center of the Tree and stands for the harmony of the middle

7. Netzach - Sevens
The seventh sphere is called Netzach which stands for creativity, anarchy and sensitivity

8. Hod - Eights
Hod is the eight sphere of the Tree, it represents intellect and logic

9. Yesod - Nines
The ninth sphere is Yesod, also known as 'foundation', it returns to the middle of the Tree

10. Malkuth - Tens
The tenth sphere is known as Malkuth, also called the Kingdom, the final phase of active manifestation

This site gives only a glimpse into the matter, you can get a little more insight when reading about the Basics of Tarot here or while looking at the Numbered Cards of the Minor Arcana here.

Tarot and the Kabbalah (Qabala)

While Tarot and Kabbalah (Qabala) are not related, they both attempt to give a view on universe and life and it is quite understandable that Hermetic Qabalists could not ignore the wonderful coherences that seemingly fall in naturally.

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