Chokmah in the Tree of Life2. Chokmah - Power of creation, energy, wisdom

Chokmah is the point where the pure unity splits into two so a first manifestion of the pure idea is achieved. It creates a viewpoint, an energy, a first concept of the universal nothingness that was represented by Kether. It is a very raw power, uneffected by analysis and specification, and thus so strong and effective. Chokmah is the idea of masculinity, as opposed to the femininity in Binah and the androgyny of Kether. It is the Supernal Father and therefore not only corresponds to the Deuces but also to the Knights of the Thoth Tarot (Kings in other decks).

As the first distinguishable expression of the energy emanating from Kether Chokmah embodies the pure essence of the substance. As the Number Two it represents the balance and interaction of opposites which is present throughout the Tree and originates in the opposition of Chokmah and Binah, the latter being the Supernal Mother. It is not an opposition of fixed entities, rather fluid polarities like waxing and waning, growing and shrinking, building up and tearing down.

Chokmah corresponds to the World of Atziluth, Chiah in soul, the general living spark that generates vitality. In the Twos of the Minor Arcana Chokmah is the first definition of what the Suit is all about, its purest and unchanged expression. In the Knights it embodies the Fathers of the element, the raw uncompensated power that wants to procreate.

See below the Tarot cards corresponding to Chokmah - the Twos and the Knights:

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