Saturn (card by corax)Saturn

Zodiac: Capricorn
Tree of Life: Binah
Tarot trump: The Hermit
Connected to:
Five of Wands - Ten of Wands - Eight of Cups - Three of Swords - Seven of Disks

You'll rarely find someone seeing anything good in Saturn, as it's the planet known to have a restricting, hindering effect on nearly everything. Being one of the two Maleficum planets (the other one is Mars), it stands for everything negative, including influences and loneliness as opposed to high life and company.
Well, apart from the fact that the last point is a matter of opinion (as I DO prefer solitude in most of my life), it should be mentioned that Saturn was also the god of farming and harvest, and the master of time. In old magic Saturn is the symbol for science, independence and research, and in Tarot Saturn in Aquarius is the symbol for the Hermit.

NinurtaAncient Mesopotamian cultures mostly equated Saturn with Ninurta, the god of fertility and agriculture but also of war and hunt. Unlike his brother Nergal (Mars), Ninurta was seen as firm and reliable, due to the planet's slow and steady movement through the sky which gave him the title 'Sun of the Night' since his movements seemed as firm and reliable as those of the Sun. Ninurta was also a thundergod and the god of winds, here the personification of the spring storms with which the fertile season came to the land. Later on he became the Guardian of the Tablets of Destiny, a most honorable task which granted him foresight into the course of destiny. Ninurta was depicted with the face of an eagle on a human body, his symbols were the plough and the mace.

The old Greek identified Saturn with Cronos, son of Gaia (the Earth) and Uranos (the sky), and the leader of the first Titans. He was seen as the personification of time.

The Romans equalled the Greek Cronos with their god of agriculture, Saturn. The festivals called the 'Saturnalia' were held in honor of Saturn. They marked the winter solstice, the time when the Sun entered into the Saturnian sign of Capricorn.

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