"Anything bad in my cards??"

Questions regarding online readings

How far can you trust a machine?

I admit that I had my doubts about these online readings. At first, there just was the idea that lay outs at the computer are well suitable to provide a little feel of 'working' cards and mediate a bit of the fascination of spreading them out, seeing them in context and reading them in context. But being a soul made of Swords, I couldn't prevent thinking somewhat deeper, especially after people wrote me that they got something out of the two little spreads that were here first.

The question is how far a lay out is reliable that wasn't shuffled by 'real human hands'. As you will see, I tried to simulate 'real' shuffling as much as possible, nevertheless it will take place within the limits of a machine. Can you compare this with the situation where someone else shuffles your cards for you? Even take it as an advantage that a machine has no feelings and no consciousness of its own that might interference with the cards coming out?

I always had my difficulties with readings where I couldn't see and 'feel' the querent, and never felt real comfortable with things such as email reading or telephone reading where I had to shuffle for the querent. I was forced to do so sometimes, and strange enough the querents were satisfied, only I kept on wondering if I probably would have done better in a 'normal' reading - with the querent in front of me, shuffling his cards himself instead of having me doing it for them.

Maybe it just worked well because I knew the querents who got those readings, maybe it probably wouldn't have worked so well with complete strangers - but maybe the cards - unlike most limited me - just don't mind any distance and don't need any eye-contact, and don't mind who shuffles them.

And of course, even in a 'normal' reading it happens once in a while that you shuffle for a querent, when the querent is 'blocked' or 'cramped' somehow. You have to take good care then that it will be actually the querent's cards coming out then, and not your own. It needs some self-control to get your own consciousness out off the way, and even keep a watching eye on your subconscious. It very much depends on your own inner situation how far you are successful with it.

A machine of course has no troubles of that kind..

Now I have a good friend who just cannot understand the question, even telling me to put this page out to 'not raise needless doubts'. Only, Tarot is a discipline that will teach you to put anything in question, never be satisfied with the first sight but reflect on what you see and look behind and beyond it as deeply as you can. 'Doubts' are never needless - they just show that one can think..

Or do I really have too much Swords in me?

Anyway, the chance to do the spreads in here online is not just for your fun and to raise a little interest - although you very well can use them just for that - but also as a kind of 'test'. I would appreciate it if you would tell me what you think of it.

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