The Raven's Eye - Tarot Spread

This is the Raven's Eye spread with the classic Gumppenberg Tarot of 1835.

'The Raven's Eye' is a spread that gives you a look on yourself in your current situation. Using all 78 cards, there are six cards, one showing what you are, one what you better should be, one for what's above you and the fourth one for what might be in front of you, i.e. what you could do, reach or might have to face.
The last two cards are not drawn when using the Majors only, they say what you should avoid and what you should try or look for.

When using the '2-birds-system', the position of the six cards are like in the model aside.
None of the birds must be on any of the marked positions, so it may take a while until you have your mix done.

Of course, when you choose the sort-out system, you just shuffle until there are six cards left - no matter on what position..

Now you can display your cards here.

As you see, the cards in the Shuffle Window have their numbers on their backs, so it is easy to choose the right ones from the dropdown lists. Just take care you have them in the right order.

You are...

You should be..

Above you..

In front of you..

Card 1 - This is what you are
Card 2 - This is what you should be
Card 3 - This is above you
Card 4 - This might be in front of you
Card 5 - This is what you should avoid
Card 6 - This is what you should look for or face up
Avoid this..

Look for this..

The differentiation between the cards are very subtle. At first sight for example, Card 2 and Card 6 seem very similiar, yet is Card 2 talking of what you should be like as a personality, while Card 6 recommends an action.
There also is a slight difference between Card 3 and Card 4 - what is 'above you' describes the situation that is already there - hanging 'above' you. What is 'in front of you' describes what comes or might come next.

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