The Dark Star - Tarot Layout

The Dark Star - layout

1 = The Star begins to exist

2 = The ways lead into depth

3 = The Star begins to rise

4 = The form begins to grow

5 = The Star is almost completed

As said, the 'Dark Star' is not the easiest one to deal with. I use this spread when I want to examine a process, a project or a specific situation/relation, but also as a complete 'blind run' - i.e. the first card is laid out with no fixed connection, just as 'let's see what is ahead of me'.

What confuses some people is that the form of the star looks somewhat like this:

.. and I often hear that there should be sixth card which tells: 'Now the Star IS completed'...

But, the motion of the form is not a linear one, it is more like a circle - and when you reach a circle's end, you're at the beginning again. The 'Dark Star' takes a closer look at a process, a project, a relationship, or whatever. The first card shows the subject in question when you first look at it, the following cards won't lead you away from it, but deeper into it.

Apart from that, the cards only mark single stations. The ways that lead from one station to the next are the conclusions you will draw out of the cards when putting them in relation to each other.

A little example: let us presume the first card in your Star happens to be the Ten of Swords: Ruin.
Now the next four cards won't represent what inevitably has to happen next in a step-to-step process.

In card 1 the Star begins to exist - with our presumption above there is ruin waiting for you somewhere.
In card 2 the ways lead into depth - where are the deeper reasons for card 1, the grounds which it has grown up from?
In card 3 the Star begins to rise - now that is how it came up, or how it will come up in case you haven't noticed it yet..
In card 4 the form begins to grow - so now the ruin begins to make itself feel comfortable in your life.
In card 5 the Star is almost completed - oops! Take good care for now you almost have it sticking on your back...

When watching all the cards, don't forget that one card leads to another until the circle is completed. Also, watch the lines of the star (including the line from 5 to 1). All aspects work together to built the complete star.

Of course, if your first card happens to be the Two of Cups - Love - you will see the following cards in quite a different light. I don't think I need to explain that in detail.. ;)

When using the '2-birds-system', the position of the five cards are like in the model aside.
None of the birds must be on any of the marked positions, so it may take a while until you have your mix done.

Of course, when you choose the sort-out system, you just shuffle until there are five cards left - no matter on what position..

Now you can display your cards here.

As you see, the cards in the Shuffle Window have their numbers on their backs, so it is easy to choose the right ones from the dropdown lists. Just take care you have them in the right order.

Please note that the 'Dark Star' has a specific order to open and lay the cards, and the card's positions are important.
So take care that you don't mix them up, and have a look at the model at the top of the page when you're not sure anymore.

The Star...

begins to exist

.. begins to rise

..form begins to grow

..ways lead into depth
.. is almost completed

Now this is an add-on to the 'Dark Star' - I once did it for cases when the Star gives more questions but answers.

I have to admit that somehow I have my doubts about it, although most people I know insist on the 'explaining' Star - especially when the original Star comes out with a nasty first card or a confusing circle - and everyone seems to be a lot happier with both Stars.

But strangely enough, for ME the second Star never was a happy pick - in MY case, the 5 cards of the second Star mostly appear impertinently similiar to the ones they should explain. The worst I remember was a lay out when three of the cards where absolutely identical, and the two remaining pairs really matched each other (card 4 from the first Star was the Two of Disks - Change - and the second Star came up with the Tower!!).

Maybe this was just the ridiculousness of chance - or the cards telling me 'Those who will ask stupid question shall receive stupid answers..'

I put it here anyway, for everybody else seems to be happy with it.
Oh, by the way, I really would enjoy emails from you telling me what you think about it..

The Dark Star - layout

1 = What the Star needs to be born

2 = What the Star needs to go deep

3 = What the Star needs to rise

4 = What the form needs to get stable

5 = What the Star needs to be completed

What it needs... get stable be born rise

.. to go deep get completed

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