Blind Spot - Tarot layout

This is the Blind Spot Spread with the classic Gumppenberg Tarot of 1835.

This is the 'short' version of the 'Blind Spot', done with the Majors only.
The 'Blind Spot' is a little spread that gives you a closer look onto yourself. There are four cards, one for your clear appearance, one for the unknown, one for the hidden and one for the 'blind spot'. To do it, just follow the simple steps below:
First , mix your cards until the two birds are standing together like this

The position of the four cards are like shown in the model aside.

Of course none of the birds must be on any of the marked positions, so it may take a while until you have your mix done.

Now you can display your cards here.

As you see, the cards in the Shuffle Window have their numbers on their backs, so it is easy to choose the right ones from the dropdown lists. Just take care you have them in the right order.

The outside

The unknown

The hidden

The 'Blind Spot'

Card 1 -

This is your outside appearance; what you know and others can see

Card 2 -

This is the unknown; what you're not aware of, no-one can see, but what is ruling you from the inside

Card 3 -

This is the hidden; what you know but won't show others

Card 4 -

This is the blind spot; what you can't recognize but what others see in you

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