The Seal of Corax

Now this pop-up window will provide you with the chance to shuffle your cards for your online reading, and also with the Card Explanation Window (which will top the Shuffle Window, so select all your shuffled cards in the deck display of your chosen spread before you go to the cards' explanations).

As for shuffling, there are three options now for you to shuffle the cards for your online reading:

shuffle 1

The complete deck, shuffling with the '2-birds-system' - maybe the best, but with 78 cards it might take a long, long while until the two birds meet.. (see explanation below)

shuffle 2

The complete deck, shuffling with the 'sortout-system'
(see explanation below)

shuffle 3

For the Blind Spot's short version only that uses just the Majors, shuffling with the '2-birds-system'

The '2-birds-system' will shuffle your cards until the two birds within the deck are standing next to each other like shown aside. When shuffling all 78 cards, don't mind in which direction each bird looks - for if you insist on one specific constellation, you might sit there shuffling until next week...

What cards you then will have to pick is described on the spread pages.

In the 'sortout-system each shuffle will sort out some cards while mixing the rest, until only the amount of required cards is left. Then pick your cards starting from top left to bottom right.
As you might see, it sometimes happens that seven cards are left when you need six and with the next click there are just five or less. In this case, just hit the reload button to have them all back and start sorting out new.

The 'sortsout-system is way faster than the '2-birds-system' - so when you're in a hurry or just want to play, it might be your choice.

I admit that the shuffles on my site are a bit circumstantial and pretty time-consuming, they are slow loading (the 78-cards-shuffles are around 42 KB) and some of you might wonder why I insist of these ways to shuffle, instead of simply putting up some random chance generator who will pop up a couple of cards on the next loading page.

The reason for this is that I've looked for a way to simulate 'real' shuffling as much as even possible, and to provide the chance to actually watch all cards while they are shuffled, and to concentrate on the question(s) of a spread while they are shuffled.

In my opinion, this concentration is most important, and this is one of the reasons why I prefer the '2-birds-system'. It can take awfully long, I know, but you can use the time to visualize your question while the cards get shuffled. And while doing this, you'll have to take care for the 2 birds, to avoid that you click on too quickly and probably click away the matching constellation. This will prevent that you concentrate on your question all too strong - which isn't recommendable either. A relaxed flowing of thoughts is the best way.

A computer cannot mediate the feeling of the cards in the hands, it cannot provide the ' touching connection' between you and the cards. All it does is transferring bytes - but it also forms a vision on the screen. You will get the best out of shuffling in here when you use this vision, let your mind flow, don't rush and just relax.

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