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Doxe - VII of Mantegna Tarot

Doxe - VII


The seventh card of the Mantegna Tarocchi hints to an origin in or around Venice, as the spelling 'doxe' was common only for the chief magistrate and leader of the Most Serene Republic of Venice. All other leaders of Italian city states used the term 'doge'. In all cases, the doge/doxe kept his office for life and once in power, he was practcally a sovereign prince.

The symbol of ducal power of the doge od Venice was the 'corno ducale' which the doxe in the card wears, a stiff bonnet made of rich brocade.

During the heydays of the Italian city states the dogi ruled like kings, withstanding the efforts of old nobles and the emperors to control them. The "Comuni" of the cities promoted the end of feudalism in northern Italy, developing a deeply rooted identification with their city as opposed to the larger region or country.

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