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Fameio - II of Mantegna Tarot

Fameio - II


The servants were better off than the paupers and beggars - at least as long as they could work and were lucky enough to find a reliable post and keep it.

The very best lot one could pick was to become a servant in a rich and noble house which would not only provide a decent livelihood - which would mean daily meals and a place to sleep - but the servant could perhaps get a look at the finer facets of being. A distant look of course - for apart from the one or other rare exception that would become a master's dear possession or even a confidant most servants had little more value than a dog. They were easily exchangable and they knew it.

Like most people of the Renaissance that did not belong to the upper classes poverty - and thus the sad fate of the Misero - was never far away. This is what many forget when romanticizing the Renaissance - its riches and blessings were exclusively for those who could afford them. The rest of the people - the majority as that - couldn't see much change to the Medievals.

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