Innuendo - The Raven's Queen's Silent Tribute to Freddie Mercury

The Music

Unlike my other pages whose only purpose it is to present visual artworks this one actually has a function - you can chose a couple of Queen midi files to play while you're browsing this site.

I mean, this is a page that even people can use that have no sense for imagery or colors or for whatever else a mad hatter like me can up with. I bet you have no idea how extra-ordinarily rare this is on this domain... when I think of it, it is probably the only page on all of that has a FUNCTION!

Apart from the fact that no-one listens to midi-files anymore and no-one needs this ten+ years old stuff and most likely not even a suitable plug-in can be found unless you look in a museum - the main purpose of this page is, of course, its layout and its imagery.

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